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Posted on: April 5, 2012

Now that I have this blog going again, I figured it’s best if we catch up with each other. I’ll start with some of the things I like now that I didn’t before.

Wow, I just realized how long this post is going to be…

Okay. Up in the less important, most important new things to know about me is that I learned how to draw. And when I say that, I mean, with a drawing tablet. On a computer. Like that picture. And that picture. And the other picture. Basically, I really like it. It’s been quite fun, and I think I am personally relatively good at it.

And, this next picture takes us nicely to the next topic. I’ve started to really enjoy something called “steampunk”. It’s actually quite interesting, and it is more than just one thing. It’s basically an idea, that has spread from books to jewelry to music to costumes to conventions… it’s rather insane, actually, listening to how it spread. I prefer to take part in the music/book/costume world, but I know my sister makes some very nice steampunk jewelry.

Steampunk is basically Victorean era, with the steam-powered engines and the clockwork robots, re imagined, in a way that make’s their technology more advanced. It’s a nice genre, historical fiction, basically.

And, how nicely this brings us into our next topic, of Steam Powered Giraffe, the musical singing automatons! Steam Powered Giraffe is my favorite band, and they happen to be rather steampunk.  Since there is soooooooo much to share, I’ll leave a bit to you:

The thing that really bums me out about Steam Powered Giraffe is that they will soon be coming VERY close to my hometown, which they will probably not do again any time soon, and I will be camping. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping, and I have missed it the years we couldn’t go, but as soon as we can go, there is something I want to do. Ah, well. Such as life. Perhaps I can get my mom to take me to San Diego some time :).

Well, that is about all I can think of right now. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you later!


Well, hi there! How are you? Good to see you again! How am I? Glad you asked!

It has been QUITE a while since I last last posted! SO! Let’s get down to the dirty work.

I am now in a new grade, and this year is going SO much better than last. Despite the fact that I thought I would hate this year because of the crazy setup of schools and grades (5th and 6th in one school, 7th and 8th in another), I like this year a ton better than last.

I’ve gotten beter as a writer, and have learned how to add more voice to my writing. CAN YOU TELL YET?! 🙂

AND I have more time to spend with all of YOU! We’ll have some fun times, won’t we?

That’s about all for now… At least, in this post. If I got into other stuff… Well, I’ll just save that for a little while later, shall I?

SO! I broke my promise of a post or two a week… SORRY!

I have recently been informed that my (wonderful) mom told my Language Arts teachers about my blog, so, just a little shout out, hello to you Mrs. P and Mrs. F!

So, I had a small stroke of genius a minute ago… What would happen if I just kept typing and didn’t stop? So that is what I am going to try. Just typing, no revising, deleting, or rearranging.  Here is a basic Rosemary train of thought. And we will start with…

How about books? I have a book right next to me. It’s quite good. It’s called the Hero’s of Olympus, Book 2, Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan. I like his books. Greek mythology has always interested me. I did not like the new movie I went to go see, though, the Lightning Thief? I remember my sister and I couldn’t go to the midnight premier on Friday, which, by the way, is really messed up, because it is actually is a Thursday night, so we went to a showing at 1:00 am on Saturday. My sister and her group of friends were the only ones there. And we were all so excited, being fans of the book. So what happened?

The movie stunk. The plot was totally changed, the gods and goddesses were messed up, everything was just WRONG!

Hey, that was a kind of personal narrative! Now I can write about that tomorrow in class!

Random Tidbit… Time is like a conveyor belt moving in the opposite direction of where you want to go. It is really easy to get behind. Sometimes you get to pace with it, but to get ahead, you have to run, maybe fall a few times, and work hard. Then you can reach your goal.

Random Tidbit… 281 candles are used in the whole show of Phantom of the Opera.

Okay, that puts me at music. I am not very music savvy. I mean, sure, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Cats, but by TODAY’S standards, I am terribly “behind.” I guess I just view this in a different way. When new songs are put on “Popular” radio stations, they are inviting you to listen to that band. To find something YOU like. But many people, instead of getting off the bus at their stop, stay on for the WHOLE ride, whether they like it or not. I found my stop a year or so ago. I listen to only about 3 things in general: Muse, Owl City, and music from a game called Portal.

Which brings me to video games…

Which concludes this week’s installment of Just Keep Typing. Join us again next week! Thank you and happy blogging!

I am going to skip the apologizing and get right to the post.

It is 6:07 am, and you are already should have left for work. Granted, only you are only 7 minutes late, but that is enough to get you to feel frazzled. You take that last gulp of coffee, you grab your work things, hardly slowing down, and race out the door. You don’t care that your shoes aren’t properly on, or that your hair looks like heck, or that you forgot to bring your lunch with you. You will fix your shoes when you get to work. You can comb your hair in the bathroom. You can buy lunch…

But you have to slow down and remember; life is full of ups, downs and hurdles. Referencing an overused fable, would you rather be the hare, rushing, not looking at anything, and realizing your mistake at the very end? Or would you rather be the tortoise, not necessarily going slow, but going at a steady, healthy pace? Sure, you may be late sometimes, but other times, you will be early.

What I am getting at here is that I have been too caught up in what was happening in my life, and I haven’t thought about my actual life. That is the same reason I don’t follow celebrities or bands. I have my own life to live, I don’t need to live someone elses. But that is what I have been doing, getting too caught up in activities and camps and worries of next school year and other things, I forgot some of the basic things that make me me.

So, I am going to take a quote from a poem one of my friends sent me in an email. “Do you run through each day on the fly? When you ask ‘How are you?’ do you hear the reply? When the day is done do you lie in your bed with the next hundred chores running through your head? You’d better slow down, don’t dance so fast. Time is short. The music won’t last….”

So, getting back to it…

I promise all of you readers that I will write more posts, at least a post or two a week. But to do that, I need all of your help. Please, don’t forget me either! :]

I can’t promise a post a day, but I can promise a post or so a week.

So, now I close with one of my oh so wonderful closers:

Time to go eat something.

I do apologize that I haven’t written in a long time… In my defense, my life is pretty odd at the moment. After my Cinnamon died, my life has been sort of unbalanced.

Imagine a giant, old-fashioned scale, the kind with the T shaped supporting giant plates, all connected by chains. One side is filled with large bricks, the other filled with feathers. I used to have a couple of giant bricks, some medium ones, and a bunch of small ones, but I could handle it, because the feathers always balanced it out. Now it seems that a hand full of feathers turned into huge bricks, and all of the little bricks are stating to pile up.

Right now, I am in the phase of it when I can talk about it, but once I think about it, I start to cry. I get distracted easily, and find that the normal “Keep yourself busy,” just doesn’t help me. I truly could be talking care of so many of those little bricks, but no, I am sitting on my coach with my laptop switching back and forth between Club Penguin and this. Truly, I don’t know what I will do come the time the ground thaws and we can give him the funeral he deserves.

Now, I find pain not in the fact that he is dead, but all of the little things that he will never do or get to see again. I remember on the morning of the day he died, he had moved a few inches out of his bed. We think it was to get to us. When I was eating breakfast at the table, he meowed and tried to get up and eat with me. He only got a few centimeters closer to me…

I hope will never, ever forget the little things about him, like the way his fur felt when I pet him, or the color of his eyes, or the way he meowed. I think that is the thing that will hurt me the most is when I do start to forget…

Birds are very interesting in many ways. I have always loved them. They are almost like pets to me, at least the ones that have taken residence in our back yard.

There are quite a few who live in my back yard. There are the Chickadees,


who are so cute when they flutter around and fight, then there is the cardinal couple who are

The cardinals

very fun to watch especially in mid winter, when you can’t find any color like that anywhere. Both of these birds are very special to me, and I love them. I like to treat them like family. Sure, they have their fire bush with all of those berries and seeds, but I like to give them better than that.

I am part of the school nature club, and recently, we learned how to make bird feeders. they are really just bagels with peanut butter on them dipped in bird seed with a piece of yarn tied around the top, but they love it! the chickadees especially, but the cardinals like them, too. The chickadees were fighting over it so much, I had to make another two!

Really, I am quite happy that I could treat my little friends well, even if they don’t know that it was I who did it. Anyway, they love the feeders, so by extension they love me. That is enough for me.

My social calendar is a complete and total wreck lately… I have had trouble keeping everything straight in my mind.

I expected that this day would come eventually, but never this soon, and with this many due dates and deadline. I usually have a few things that are going on… interspersed through my regular activities.

Like I have said multiple times, I am a geek and a reject to the greater population of my school, so getting invited to parties and dances, or being asked to do something with someone is not a very common event.

Just yesterday, I had to go on a different bus to get to my science fair partners house. Then I left and went to my martial arts class. After getting thoroughly sweaty, I finally got home. Today, I have a half a day of school and a possible sleep-over at a friends. I would have to leave early, though, because I have a Martial Arts test…

If this is how the real world works, I don’t think that I could survive on my own…

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